We enjoyed the crook necked pumpkins so much last year, that we saved some seeds from them to grow again in the Spring. This was really an agro-lesson for The Dormouse. SHE planted the seeds (in the flower bed) and SHE watered the pumpkin plants (for about a week) and SHE weeded the area (okay, no one did that) and SHE picked the pumpkins. Despite our best efforts to kill them all with inattention and the pumpkin plant's best efforts to kill my Daphne (we are going to have it out soon if it doesn't start climbing the basketball hoop pole instead of my precious Daphne bush) we managed to get several decent sized squash out of the deal. SHE is very proud of herself and her green thumb.

These two pumpkins got cooked up and turned into baby food for The Caterpillar. We figure everyone should get to enjoy the fruits of her labor. (no pun intended - these aren't fruits, or are they? I never remember how that goes.)