Five is...
  • the number of days in a week
  • the number of toes on an average person's foot
  • the number of kids who came to The Dormouse's birthday party on Saturday
  • the number of times The Dormouse got up last night to throw up
  • the number of times I woke up in addition to the times The Dormouse throwing up
  • the number of fever baths we tossed The Dormouse into between yesterday afternoon and four am this morning
  • the number of times I cursed the stomach bug The Dormouse picked up (I might have underestimated that just a tad)
  • the number of hours it was when I realized no one in the house was going to work or school today
  • the number of pharmacies I went to this morning to get a prescription filled for anti-nausea meds before I snapped and yelled at the fifth pharmacist, "No I cannot wait until tomorrow for you to order this; she's being prescribed this so that she can keep something down in the next six hours before she needs to go to the ER for IV fluids."
  • the number of times I was grateful that I spent a crap load of money on a moon bounce birthday party last Saturday because her birthday today sucks
  • the number of years I've been all too happy to put up with this stuff because she is such a cool kid

There's more to write, but right now everyone needs a nap. I declare this day a do over.