This morning, The KingofHearts and I caught this infomercial on early morning tv that only people like us are up early enough to see. It caused no small amount of amusement and we just had to share:

I immediately said, "You too, can purchase this item which will make you look like you belong to
a strange cult where people all wear Reebok tennis shoes and wait for the spaceship behind a comet to take them away from the pains and problems of earth life."

The KoH had a different take on it. His new theory is that the guys from
this movie:

Weren't just mutant, telepathic humans,

holed up in an underground city,

hiding from the dreaded ape army now out to exterminate mankind...

...they're just poor victims of the recession, bent on decreasing their heating costs.

P.S. Enjoy this take on the commercial: The Cult of Snuggie