Please send email to ngundergroundATgmailDOTcom. I have never been very good at returning phone calls but I'm much better at email. Just ask my family, many of whom I would not have a relationship with if not for twittfacing on the blogoweb. My husband prefers to email me to tell me he's leaving for work in the morning; he's more likely to get a response. So if you have a question, comment, or need for human contact that doesn't seem appropriate for the comments section, feel free to email and I promise to read it. I cannot however, promise a timely response due to the fact that there are days when I don't even look at my personal email because I'm so sick of looking at a computer all day at work.... that and the fact that I am a bad person. 

I spent the first few years of Twitter's existence staunchly refusing to join because I could not figure out what it was for.  Then one day it hit me:  Oh yeah. Nothing.  And I immediately signed up.  Follow me @ngunderground if you enjoy hearing thoughts that pop into my head at stoplights that SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT FOR ME TO GET HOME AND BLOG... or if you're trying to promote your new Twitter-spam marketing campaign.

If you're also looking to follow me on facebook, you clearly need more to do.  The truth is, I do the Faceplace, but I use that account for work and keep it separate from my anonymous blogging persona.  Also: so I can lie on the internet and no one will be able to call me out for it. If you think you know me in real life, send me an email and I'll try and get you a friend request.  But don't expect me to publicly wish you a Happy Birthday on your wall.  I never do that for anyone. 

Do people even use these anymore?  
I never answer mine.  
Don't bother calling.