All I am, I owe to the interweb. And one of the things I am apparently, is a mom who does things to this to her kids' hair. I was never much interested in intricate hairstyles - my hair was never long enough to do anything with. And even though I went to girls' camp a couple of years in a row, I never got to be a very good hair-do-er. So it's nice when those who are so talented share their abilities with the world... and you get to become a demi-god in your child's eyes. I still don't really enjoy doing hair that much, but I know that there are precious few years left wherein she still thinks I'm cool and/or useful, so I'm gonna take what I can get.

The Dormouse love, Love, LOVES this particular hairstyle, because it has a three day morphing lifespan. Day one: the star and the buns. Day two: uncurl the buns and leave weird little corkscrew pony tails sticking out all over her head which she will then constantly bob her head around to make them dance for the next twenty-four hours. Day three: take the pony tails out and leave curls that "look just like Susan Kushner" from these books.

This particular hairstyle is here.