Thirteen Things I'm Reasonably Certain They Didn't Have In Plentiful Supply During the Renaissance

1. Sharpie Markers (I am pretty sure they made this particular Sharpie marker holder, however)

2. Devil Horns

3. Adult-sized Fairies with Polarized Transitional Lenses

4. Human Blockheads (actually, Sideshows in General)

5. Rolling Walker-assisted Ambulation

6. Brightly Colored Dreadlocks, Back Tattoos and Tails

7. Deep Fried Food on a Stick

8. Plate Metal Brassieres

Hangs (I want one of these so very badly)

9. Double
Entendre Concerning Male Genitalia (okay, maybe they had those then too, but I'll wager it wasn't something they tried to get you to eat)

10. Creepy Drag Queens

11. The Tradition of the Photo Op

12. I Don't Know What in Blazes This is but I'll Bet They Didn't Have This

13. Two Adorable Pirate Children

But they do have it all at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. And now, so do we.