It's only fair. I've certainly given my toes over to the cause more than once.

I find it hilarious that immediately upon putting her to bed, he went to the bathroom, found the nail polish remover and removed every stitch of red, glitter nail polish from his fingers. But by the time he got to his feet, he was tired and just thought, "Eh, no one will see it under my socks." That red, glitter toenail polish stays there to this day.

I asked, "What if you take off your shoes at work?" (It's a valid question for me. I often have to delay leaving work because I'd have to walk down to my car and I know my shoes are under some desk in the office but I can't remember which one.)

He scoffed, "I don't work in your office. That will never happen."

So please join me in praying that tomorrow, some barefoot-related emergency will crop up which requires him to remove his shoes in front of all the guys on the factory floor and wave his bare feet in front of their faces... for the good of the company.

I'd like to test his commitment.