I bought a tank of helium and some balloons to decorate the room for The Dormouse's birthday party on Saturday at the moon bounce place and then realized "Hey! This place is literally FILLED with inflatables -- adding thirty balloons to the mix just
might be overkill." And if there's one thing we do in this family that's play the tag. *stifled guffaw* So I put them all back in the box and decided to save them for another day. Which turned out to be good because The Dormouse's actual birthday sucked so much, I got out the balloons while she was taking a nap to cheer her up a bit.

However, I think the adults in the room were much more entertained by the balloons than The Dormouse.
This look says, "I will humor you just this once because I am too worn out to do anything else, but if you ever show this photo to anyone, be sure that I will break both your kneecaps with a hammer."

"What me worry?"

Good heavens, my kids have fine hair. I apologize now for all the future perms you two will feel it necessary to undergo to disguise that fact. Sorry girls -- it won't work. You're stuck with it just like I was.

"You people bore me with your balloons and the rubbing on my head. I need a nap."

The pack of balloons came with eye, ear, nose, etc. stickers to make faces on the balloons. A work of genius, if you ask me.

This is what my husband would look like if he had been born a cartoon character.