Call me a glutton for punishment. I know. I've said it all. But I was given an assignment and I can't back down.

The thing about little projects like this is I really do like to do them. But I have a very short attention span, so while it seems like a cool new hobby, after awhile it becomes tedious to me. So when I start off thinking, "Hey, I've never worked with fondant or gum paste... that'd be kind of fun to learn..." It really will be for me. But once I do the first three cupcakes I'll have gotten what I wanted from the experience and I'm done. The problem is, I've committed myself to twenty-five of these little buggars and now I've got to follow through. Ugh.

Plus I do not enjoy cleaning up the inevitable mess.

And there you go. Treats for the fall harvest party at The Dormouse's elementary school.

There's six hours of my life I'll never get back.

Please someone stop me from agreeing to do Christmas cupcakes a month from now. Please.