The Caterpillar's main activity (still) these days is finding some object of desire and then walking around with it. The more tired she becomes, the more circles around the living room she makes. The other morning she was running around with the sash from my bathrobe and tripping on it so The KingofHearts tied it around her waist to form this lovely outfit:

When will women break the Sumo Wrestler glass ceiling?

This photo is what brings me to the real reason for this post: to question the Interweb about something - and I know what dangerous ground that is. That's how confused I am. So, all you people with an abundance of opinions and nowhere to share them, here's your chance.

What do I do about her hair?

When The Dormouse was a baby she had the same fine, stick-straight hair as The Caterpillar, as me, as every other women in my family. I have no doubt that these girls will curse me in their teenage years when this whole straight hair thing has outlasted it's popularity and curly hair will be the thing to have, just like it was (and I did) when I was in high school. Go ahead, girls, I can take it... I've prepared for it. I'm pretty sure my mother did the same thing.

The Dormouse had this lovely feature where her hair first grew in on only one side of her head, making her look like tiny punk rocker. By the time she was a year, however, there was quite a bit of hair to work with. So we cut bangs into it and she's had the same hairstyle ever since - one that I'm not so thrilled about but that we're locked into unless we want to go through the lengthy, awkward stage of growing out those bangs..

The Caterpillar has avoided the shaved side of the head look, but she has a different problem. Only the hair on the top one third of her noggin is growing. The hair at her nape and ears looks just like a newborn's. What this means is she looks like an old man with a very bad toupee. The top hair is long enough to always be in her eyes but the rest of the hair doesn't seem to want to catch up. So most of the time she ends up looking like a bearded collie.

Does this hairstyle make my head look fat?

I quite like the sprinkler head hairdo myself which is what we've been doing lately. Not only does it make her look like a kewpie doll, but we've found it also is a great personality test indicator.

When they look at her and say, "Oooo! She looks just like Pebbles," they are over thirty.

When they look at her and say, "Oooo! She looks just like Cindy Lou Who," they are under thirty.

When they look at her and don't say anything about what an adorable child she is, they have hearts made of stone.

The problem with the sprinkler head as pictured above is the same problem with every clip, ponytail holder, head band, hair piece, rubber band, and while we're at it add hat and shoe to that mix: she takes it off in about thirty seconds flat after it's been attached to her body. And since that one time when that missing hair clip on The Dormouse turned up in her diaper, I don't really like to put things in her hair when I know she'll take it out and put it in her mouth.

The KingofHearts thinks we should cut her hair. I'm not one of those overly sentimental types who can't bear to part with her baby hair, but I don't really think cutting it will work at this point. Oh and besides, OH NO CUT HER BEAUTIFUL HAIR??!? CUT OFF THE ENDS OF HER HAIR? HAIR THAT SHE WAS BORN WITH? HAIR THAT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN? THAT WILL BE THE END OF HER BABYHOOD AND I DO NOT THINK I CAN BEAR IT, YOU MAY AS WELL JUST STICK A KNIFE THROUGH MY HEART. Like I said, I'm not overly sentimental.

What would you do?