How hilarious is it that my cupcakes (that I think look quite ragged, actually) were featured on The Hip Homemaker and Blissfully Domestic, two very cool websites but websites that may now have dropped down a notch or two in people's estimation because they included something from my addled brain in their annals? When I mentioned this to The KingofHearts, he laughed a great big belly laugh. He knows that I am the Anti-Wife and have no business being associated in any way with either of those websites. Thanks for the shout out anyway, guys! Next time look closer at people's qualifications though... I sometimes tend to forget to feed my own children.

Apparently, the joke is on me, however, because The Dormouse brought home a letter from her kindergarten teacher yesterday explaining that they were having a fall/Halloween party at school and they'd asked each parent to choose and bring something from the list which was printed below the letter. The teacher had taken the liberty of checking off "cupcakes" for me and put a smiley face next to the item. The KoH is still laughing at me.