A few years ago, the organization I work for hosted an international conference. The official languages were deemed to be English and Spanish. Since I was the only one in the office who spoke Spanish, I took it upon myself to write a Spanish phrase of the day on the board so that my colleagues could learn some phrases and words that might help them through this experience. You know, things that might come in handy, like:

El cuarto de baño está allí por el pasillo y a la su derecha.
The bathroom is down the hall and to your right.

¡Favor, paso lejos del escritorio de registro!
Please step away from the registration desk!

Lo siento, usted no puede pedir su cena del día de gracias aquí.
I'm sorry, you cannot order your Thanksgiving dinner here.

Este pulpo esta demasiado grande.
This octopus is much too large.

I don't think that anyone in the office who was there was able to use a single phrase I taught them in an appropriate situation at the conference. However, I do know that every single one of them managed to work in the sentence about the octopus whether it was appropriate or not.

Here's costume number two for the Halloween season:

Cutest Costume (age 2 and under) submission

Awww right? She's so cute, you say? Wouldn't it be cute to get a photo of both girls in their Halloween costumes, you say? Yeah I thought that too for about half a minute. And just so everyone feels my pain, here's what it was like trying to get Hurricane Caterpillar to pose for a picture with her sister Daphne.

Cutest Costume (age 3 and up) submission

I finally got one (only one) of her standing and looking at the camera and where her face wasn't covered by that hood. I told The Dormouse to stand there, stare at the camera and we waited until The Caterpillar walked through the frame.

Este pulpo está demasiado ocupado:

Best Photo submission

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