One of my favorite things at our house is this Daphne bush in the front flower bed. We picked it up one year at a botanical garden sale in Roanoke, Virginia. We were down there looking for the lost colony... long story short? Turns out they lived four hundred years ago and they're all dead. Anyway we saw this Daphne blooming in the gardens and were enamored by how beautiful it smelled. We purchased a cutting and brought it back up with us. It's an early blooming plant and the buds can usually be seen peeking through the snow of the last storm of the year. When it blooms, these tiny pinkish, white flowers fill the air around the front door with the MOST heavenly odor and I want to park a lawn chair next to it and sit there all day.

If I ever become uber famous and get a chance to make my own scent, instead of wondering to myself, "What does skank smell like? I think I will make that into a perfume," I will ask them to reproduce this exact flower smell.