Just before my mother left town this week, we went for a drive in Rock Creek Park. When I realized we were near the National Zoo, we decided to stop by and see how our old friend Butterstick was doing. It was The Caterpillar's first trip to the zoo and for the most part, I'd say she was unimpressed. I guess maybe it was too early to quiz her on the scientific name of each species?

This burro actually fell asleep in this position. I wish I could do that.

Hungry, hungry hippo

Sleepy, sleepy pygmy hippo

Tai Shan -- this is the giant panda equivalent of singing in the shower

How can you tell he's a adolescent panda? Because he has freckles on his face.

Jumbo the elephant.

The Caterpillar was carried off by a couple of bald eagles and taken to their nest. Next time I'll know not to leave her alone in an open field.

Apparently the lemurs enjoy the occasional African drumming session.
The Caterpillar L-O-V-E-D it.

This stilt walker was there entertaining the animals; the pandas, hippos and elephants liked him too.