The US Senate Seal

I had a work "thing" on Capitol Hill yesterday. We held a couple of Congressional educational sessions for House and Senate staffers in their respective office buildings. It was boring for the most part and I was really only there to cart stuff back and forth and in case the AV folks didn't show up on time and someone was needed to plug in an LCD projector we brought as a backup (which turned out to be the case - that's a lesson: never count on government employees when it's critical; always have a backup). Basically, I could be replaced by any third grader with a penchant for video games and ten minute overview. But I did get to take some cool photos.

Why does the ceiling have an homage to the zodiac on it? I have no idea.

I wonder if people who work there every day ever get over the novelty of walking past Thad Cochran's or Elizabeth Dole's office door. Do they eventually stop trying to sneak a glance inside to evaluate each Senator's office decor as they go past in the hallway? Because, this is not my first trip to the Congressional offices, yet I still find it very difficult to be all blasé and "whatever" about it. It took all my self control to not go by everyone's office snapping photos, making catty remarks about the furniture and pointing those involved in sex scandals out from those involved in savings and loan scandals.

A light fixture; I have no idea if they have any significance but they were cool.

The day wasn't replete with self control, however. I did manage to walk out with some cheese smuggled in my purse.

I was texting a friend about it while heading back home on the Metro. He said, "Does Hillary Clinton even eat cheese?"

Me: "Well, she doesn't eat this cheese because I stole it."

Springtime Comes to Capitol Hill