The Dormouse came home from school the other day with a prized package of Sweet Tarts someone had given her.

"Do you want some, Momma?"

"No thanks honey." (I hate those things.)

"Do you want some Grandma?"


She opened the package on the table in front of Grandma and ceremoniously dumped the nasty little candies on the table. Grandma ate one, The Dormouse ate one and left the room. I started preparing dinner, talking with Mother while she absentmindedly ate the rest of the Sweet Tarts.

A few minutes later, The Dormouse came back, expecting to find more Sweet Tarts and exclaimed in the most pitiful voice, "Awwwww!! Grandma ATE THE LAST ONE! WAAAAAAH!" and ran to her room, crying.

Grandma, who was mortified by the way, chased after her. "I'm sorry! Iiiiiiiimmmmm Sooooorrr-rryyyy!"

Finally, Grandma returned with an armful of pouty girl and I gave her a small package of Sweet Tarts from the candy-left-over-from-Halloween jar.

Grandma STILL apologizing: "I'm sorry, honey. Grandma's pretty mean to eat all your candy when you wanted to share, isn't she?"

Dormouse: "Yeah, she SURE IS."

Morale of the story: When someone says they will share with you, makes sure leave the last one for them.