We attended a fascinating event called Baby Loves Disco last weekend. You can read about it here and here... because some people actually do and then post about things they do within a reasonable amount of time after the activity. (Personally, that seems rather obvious to me.) As far as I can tell, it was an event specifically designed by the Nightclub Lobby to make sure that the upcoming generation will be sure to frequent their establishments. I'm pretty sure that the owners of Circus Circus in Las Vegas and Paris Hilton collaborated on the details.

Both the girls loved it, but Monica's right, it was loud and there was a definite dearth of music. For example, there were about twenty minutes of announcements leading up to a planned Yoga activity for the kids:

"In just a minute, we're going to teach you some Yoga moves so all the kids should gather on the dance floor." "We have a Yoga instructor here to help you learn a little more about Yoga." "Everyone come to the dance floor for Yoga." "We're going to start Yoga in just a minute." "One more minute to Yoga." "Come'on all you kids who want to learn Yoga." etc., etc., yoga, yoga, yoga.

Finally, after the mosh pit of toddlers had been standing around waiting for forever, they began the Yoga lesson.

"OK, everyone make your body into a triangle."

*kids do that*

"OK, now stand back up."

*kids do that*

"Now reach to the sky."

*kids do that*

"Yay for Yoga everyone! Give yourselves a hand!!"

*more announcements for vegetable powdered vitamins*

It wasn't long before some of us (and by 'some of us', I mean, 'me') were so overstimulated we couldn't take much more and decided to hit the American Indian Museum. Am I sounding like an geezer? I think so. Maybe that is because I am old. You kids get off my lawn now!

Photos from the quietest place we went that day:

There are a ton of unique shots of the Capitol building from different vantage points around the NMAI. I'm sure there's a wry metaphor to be made here about the Government always keeping its thumb on the Native Americans, but my geezer brain is a bit too slow to come up with it.

The front door of the NMAI.

The Dormouse contemplating two centuries of mistreatment of the Native Americans at the hands of the U.S. Government. Either that or she saw a bird.

When you're four years old, it's easy to make oneself at home where ever you are. I'm pretty sure if I'd done this, I'd have been asked to leave.

What's she checking out?

Oh this.

This, I think, might be one of my absolute favorite buildings in The City. Go, Douglas Cardinal!