It is 2:45 in the am. I just got up with The Caterpillar for what we lovingly refer to as "midnight snack" and finally got her back down. Crawling back into bed for a couple more hours' sleep before 3:00 am when she wakes up and begins yelling, "Moooorning!! Everybody out of bed!" and singing reveille as only an infant can, I find that my husband is now lying, arms and legs spread eagle, diagonally across the bed. In the hour I was out of bed, he has both managed to pull the sheets and blankets all the way over to his side of the bed and fall asleep on top of them, making it impossible to yank them back over. Undeterred, I crawled back into bed, pushed his legs over to give me enough room to lie down and rolled him over to yank as much of the bedclothes as I could gather from under him. I finally snuggled down to go back to sleep and he cuddled up next to me lovingly in his sleep, put his arm over my shoulder and lifted his foot about three inches off the bed and began shaking it violently. Then he relaxed, sighed and rolled over, still asleep, leaving me wide awake to wonder:

What. Is up. With that?