In addition to Halloween, this week we celebrated the KingofHearts' thirtymumblesomething birthday. Although I don't think he planned it that way on purpose, Matt stuck around here all week and joined in all the Wonderland festivities... and also made me eggs.

In between all that important stuff, they decided that a good use of their time would be to build a forge in the backyard barbeque and pound six inch round pieces of steel into knives. So if you've been in our neighborhood any time this week, this is what you would have heard:

*bang clang clank clang*

"Man, that's hot"

*clang ding clunck*

"Look out, your shirt is on fire!"

*clang bang thud clang*

Yes... our neighbors just LUUUUV us. One of them actually came over to the house the other day and posted a sign on our tree that said, "Blacksmith on Duty."

Ultimately, the two of them spent a combined 30 or so hours creating two as yet unfinished knives that you could probably purchase (finished) for about 97 cents a piece at your neighborhood convenience store. But you don't tell them that. What you say to them is: "Wow. What marvelous craftsmanship... you can't puchase steel like that these days.... this is art!"

The Dormouse and I decorated the house and made a cake shaped like an anvil to commemorate the theme of the week (it was cheaper than purchasing an actual anvil like KoH had hinted at several times throughout the week). Based on this, I don't think Duff Goldman is going to be hiring me to work at his shop any time soon.

Art is having a hard time in Wonderland today.