Early in the conference, a relative of a friend who occasionally reads my blog but isn't connected to my profession, was a guest for an event we held. He approached me to say hello and in the course of our chat, outed me as a blogger. In front of a friend from college... who then said repeatedly over the next four days, "You have a blog? Where is it? I want to read it! Tell me. Tell. Tell. Tell. Tell. Tell!"

I successfully dodged her question over and over because I knew I'd been complaining about this conference and all week and I can't have people who attended reading THAT. I'm already nervous that I've revealed too much about what I do and someone, somewhere will somehow google the correct sequence of random words to bring them here... and then even though I don't have my name or what I really do anywhere on this website and I never talk about anyone specifically and seldom talk about work and I wouldn't ever write anything purposely offensive or untrue, I've had little self-control this week and that person will put two and two together to figure it out, be offended, and I'll be Dooced.

And so I ask, what's the point of having a blog if you can't bitch about your life? But then what's the point of having a blog if no one you know ever reads it?

These kinds of existential questions make my head hurt.