Alice: "Dormouse, get out of my purse, please."

Dormouse: *continues unzipping*

A: "No baby, stop. I don't want you in my purse."

D: *continues unzipping*

A: *raises voice a bit* "No Dormouse, stop. I told you I did not want you to open my purse."

D: "Momma, I'm just checking somethin."

A: "But I don't WANT you to 'check somethin' in my purse - now get out of it."

D: *begins unzipping again*

A: "Stop now, or you will be in trouble."

D: "But Momma, I need to look in there."

A: "The answer is 'No'."

D: "Well....." (*weak smile*) "The other answer...... issssss 'Yes!'."

D: "Momma, why are you laughing?"