How funny is this? I saw these car magnets online, and thought they were hilarious... then immediately decided that NotAnSUV was too boring and needed a facelift. They came while I was out of town and I stuck them on the minute I got home, looked at the box and realized what was inside.

KingofHearts decidedly does not enjoy driving this now. He claims that everyone looks at him funny as he passes them on the road. I however, have not noticed anyone looking at me funny. Perhaps they are thinking that they'd expect a middle-aged white woman driving a station wagon (It's not an SUV!) to have polkadots on her car... it's the only thing that would brighten her otherwise dull and humdrum life. And they'd be right.

I have, however, fielded lots of comments from people in parking lots since I started driving around with them. Here are a few and my responses:

"Did your car come like that?" ("Yes, it's the Eddie Bean Got Small Pox Edition")
"Did you paint those on there by hand?" ("Yes. The ones on the undercarraige were the hardest.")
"Who's spotty car is that?" *said while I'm unlocking and getting in on the driver's side* ("Uh... I don't know." *proceed to drive away*)
"Is that your company logo?" (Yes, I'm the inventer of the the Polka Dot, would you like to order one?)
"Did your car mate with a dalmation?" ("That's so funny I don't even have a pithy response.")

But the funniest thing so far, wasn't a comment at all. It was the two squirrels trying desperately to pry the dots off my car in the rain. The car was recently waxed and they'd stand up on their hind feet while using their front feet to attempt the theivery, then slip off the slick hood and slide backwards, only to scramble up again and restart the whole process. They never actually got one off but I feel like if they had, they'd have deserved it.

It's only been a week and I feel like I could take them off the car now, having got more than my $15 worth of entertainment out of them.