I don't know if I mentioned that I'm obsessed with Studio 60. I think it's probably that I'm doing penance because I never watched The West Wing and I feel the Aaron Sorkin gods must be placated at some point, but it's one of the shows that I record every week and watch later because I never get to see the first 20 minutes any prime time show due to the fact that Bewitching Hour of Bedtime starts at 8:00.

The other afternoon I watched the first few minutes of it but had to pause it when a violin student came over for a lesson. I hit the stop button on the VCR (yes, we are still living in the dark ages and have yet to enter the Glorious World that is TiVO) and said to KingofHearts to not mess with it until I got back in a half hour to watch the rest.

When my lesson was over, I came back only to discover that apparently while trying to change the channel on the television, KoH had instead managed to record 20 minutes of The Disney Channel... Right. Over. My. Unwatched. Show. And not only did he record over it, but he recorded over it at a much slower tape speed, so that 20 minutes of Disney Channel ended up covering up my entire one hour show.

I shot him the patented Incredibly Disappointed Look and shook my head.

KoH: "But... but... I didn't push the record button... I pushed the change the channel button. It just recorded all on its own."

Me: "It's a machine... it doesn't do anything on its own. It only does what you tell it to do."

KoH: "Well.... you can watch it in reruns, right?"

Me: "I heard they were canceling it."

KoH: "Maybe you can get it on Netflix."

Me: "Not if they never even complete one season."

KoH: *sigh* "Technology kicked my ass... what can I say?"

Thankfully technology saved mine... NBC had the entire episode on their website, so I got to watch the part I missed. Good thing too because it was a 'to be continued' episode and if I'd watched it next week and not known what was going on, I might have had to cut him.

This just in: Studio 60 saved. I'm sure it was because of the major influx of people logging into the NBC website to watch it online. Maybe technology kicked their spouses' asses too.