See children? Everything in this room is eatable. Even I am
eatable! But that, my dear children, is called cannibalism; and is frowned upon in most societies.

- Mr. Wonka

The other day, we struck an unusual day care deal at work. Since it was election day, my colleagues' two sons were out of school while theirs was used as a polling place. Aside: does anyone remember school being closed on election day in the past? I know my elementary school was always used as a polling place, but they just closed the cafeteria and we went on with school as normal. I guess nowadays there are concerns about that many random people being on the school property and it not being safe for the kids? Or is this just another deal struck by the teachers' union?

Normally when this happens, she either takes leave and stays home with them or brings them to work. She can sit them in the conference room with a video and some crayons and they generally keep themselves busy. But in addition to being election day, last Tuesday was also the day we'd planned for the shipper to pick up 3000 pounds of supplies and products we'll be taking to the conference we have coming up next week. It's a huge job packing and coordinating several hundred boxes and she a) couldn't take off work because she's generally the person responsible for making sure all the boxes get labeled and numbered correctly and b) didn't really want to bring the kids to the office since there were rife opportunities to get in the way and it would be very hard to count and pack that many boxes correctly while watching a rambunctious six and eight year old.

Coincidentally, election day was one of my working from home days, so I offered to have her bring the boys to my house and I'd watch them all while she got the shipment off. Then she could pick them up when the job was done and head for home. So that's what we did. The Dormouse could not have been more excited, "They're coming to my house, they're coming to my house!" Any opportunity for social contact - even with kids more than twice her age and with whom she has little in common - is met with uncontrollable enthusiasm. She is so her father's daughter.

Anyway, after approximately two hours of the three of them running the circle that is our living room and kitchen, a colleague calling to ask a question and hearing only screams in the background, and copious amounts of macaroni and cheese, they finally decided to have a rest and watch a movie. The requested movie was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which Dormouse had seen many times and the boys had seen the 1970s version (Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) only.

Here are some of the observations made during viewing of said movie:

"Wily Wonka is different."

"Violet & Veruca are biiig brats."

"Charlie Bucket is NOT a grownup."

"Mike Teavee is super cool."

*huge gasps of excitement when the door to the chocolate room is opened* "It's the most delightest thing I've ever seen!"

"Augustus Gloop is a pig."

"Mr. Wonka's boat is NOT very pleasant."

After the movie was over, they all begged to go outside, where the oldest and tallest became Mr. Wonka, bossing the others around and telling them to "Make more chocolate because I have customers coming in FIVE MINUTES." I believe the Dormouse was assigned the role of Oompa Loompa but was later fired for not making Wonka bars fast enough. Who knew watching a movie could be an interactive experience?