When I was in high school, this hilarious friend of mine worked in a copy/print shop where they also made rubber stamps. Just before the end of the school year, he made himself a rubber stamp that said, "Hey ______. Can you believe this year's almost over? It was great sitting near you in ________ class this year. Hope to see you over the next year/over the summer/around town," and then had his signature at the bottom. Then he used it to sign everyone's yearbooks - sometimes filling in the blanks, sometimes not. People would hand him their yearbook, he'd stamp it and hand it back to the perplexed onlooker. It was awesome.

So I borrowed that idea for our cards in 1999. We purchased totally normal, cheap, sappy Christmas cards and I had this stamp made:

to stamp the inside.

To date, this is my favorite Christmas card ever, simply because it was so darn easy. Actually I've kept the stamp and plan to use it again someday when desire and creativity fail me and everyone else has forgotten it.

Here's a positive version of the stamp: