I've always wanted to spend the Christmas holiday in New York City in order to see the famous window displays on 34th Street and 5th Avenue. So modern, so classy. A lovely Victorian tradition.

Whatever. We have window displays too out here in D.C.; just head on up the road a piece to Maryltucky. And they just don't rely on mere humans to do their decorating either.

For example, this turkey seems to have learned to fly for the express purpose of trimming the Christmas tree.

Curiously, using his own feathers:

These two raccoons planned on helping, but then got into a fight over a pine cone.

Mrs. Turkey Claus supervised the loading of the presents into the sleigh.

While Rudolph looked around in the snow for his red nose and wondered why the other reindeer had abandoned him.

Out in the valley, the neighborhood bully threw snowballs at little Johnny who was learning to skate.

And when he fell, all the good little boys and girls pointed and laughed.

Who needs a Miracle on 34th Street when you have Bass Pro Shops?