In no particular order:
  1. Humphrey Bogart
  2. Alfred Hitchcock movies
  3. The Dormouse
  4. The Caterpillar
  5. The KingofHearts
  6. cheese
  7. Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture and design
  8. old Alice in Wonderland book editions and movie versions
  9. wireless internet
  10. Leverage
  11. music - any kind
  12. digital video recorders and pausing live t.v.
  13. animals
  14. a cat that curls up on your lap to sleep
  15. cars that don't break down
  16. rock candy
  17. the Rocky Mountains
  18. Washington, D.C.
  19. fall leaves
  20. Igor Stravinsky
  21. that magical fifteen or twenty minutes at night where I'm holding The Caterpillar and singing her a song before bedtime and the house is dark and she's still and puts her head down on my shoulder and drifts off to sleep
  22. singing to the car stereo
  23. the Oregon coast
  24. anything Joss Whedon writes
  25. snow
  26. The Dormouse's enthusiasm for life
  27. graham crackers with cake icing spread on them
  28. driving
  29. going fifteen minutes one direction and being in the city; going fifteen minutes in the other and being in farmland
  30. kayaking
  31. dancing in the living room with my girls
  32. New York City
  33. Robert Fulgham books
  34. architecture
  35. road trips
  36. John Cusack movies from the 80s
  37. taking a really good photograph
  38. good conversation with friends
  39. old houses
  40. going out to eat somewhere I've never been before
  41. making things
  42. sunsets
  43. changing my own oil
  44. getting up before everyone else in the morning and feeling that ethereal few minutes when it feels like I'm the only one awake in the world
  45. pistachio nuts
  46. Tony Bennett
  47. Al Jolson
  48. talent of all kinds
  49. campfires
  50. inside jokes
  51. sushi
  52. adding a long string of financial records and having the amount come out right to the penny
  53. throwing away things I don't need
  54. reading a good book that changes my life
  55. pedicures
  56. finding the exact right gift for someone
  57. Jackie Chan movies
  58. over sized sweaters
  59. finishing my taxes in January
  60. street musicians/performers
  61. the smell of daphne flowers
  62. watching a thunderstorm from my front window
  63. weekend radio shows on NPR
  64. playing music in a group
  65. musicals
  66. museums
  67. a clean house
  68. getting mail
  69. homemade ice cream
  70. silence
  71. costumes
  72. homemade bread
  73. king sized water beds
  74. puzzles
  75. baby hugs
  76. traveling to places I've never been before
  77. when I know something about someone and they know I know it and my very presence in the room makes them uncomfortable
  78. daises
  79. well-written poetry or song lyrics
  80. laughter
  81. doing chores or mundane shopping trips but having a great time because The KoH is there to entertain me
  82. drinking hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day
  83. the Lethal Weapon movies
  84. Ayn Rand books
  85. the ease of email
  86. biographies
  87. buffalo wings
  88. a quick wit
  89. people who are creative
  90. when The Dormouse comes home from school excited because she passed a test
  91. being alone
  92. fixing things that are broken instead of throwing them out
  93. Diet Coke
  94. having the front door open and a breeze coming through the house
  95. Chicago
  96. the desert
  97. little girls in braids
  98. edamame
  99. talking walks in the neighborhood and looking into other people's windows
  100. the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze