Surprisingly, this one was much harder to compile than the first.
  1. people who are too busy talking on mobile phones to pay attention to the fact that they're driving
  2. the sound of squeaky Styrofoam
  3. the lottery
  4. clowns
  5. standing in the shower, waiting for the conditioner to work
  6. when the muscles in my eyelids twitch and it looks like I'm winking at people when really I'm just overstressed - what? that doesn't happen to you? KayforgetIsaidit.
  7. pretense
  8. people who drive down the road with their blinker on
  9. people who refuse to use their blinker
  10. constant noise
  11. Wal-Mart
  12. that itchy skin feeling you always get in the wintertime
  13. waiting for my computer to boot up
  14. shoes
  15. The Phone
  16. hidden agendas
  17. people who reply to my emails with only "thank you"
  18. putting away clothes (don't mind the washing so much, but hey, that's the easy part)
  19. when people promise something that they have no intention of following through on - why not just say no?
  20. Barney
  21. being late
  22. Facebook apps
  23. the fact that I have about ten reusable grocery bags in my car but I only remember them after I'm already in the checkout line and ready to pay
  24. watching t.v. with commercials
  25. people I don't know who call me "sweetie" or use other terms of endearment
  26. crocs
  27. packing
  28. when the shower curtain touches me
  29. people driving on my roads
  30. hypocrisy
  31. being out of milk
  32. groups of people who walk slow at the mall but gang up together so you can't get past them
  33. shows that end "to be continued"
  34. the news media
  35. SUVs (a real man knows a station wagon when he sees one)
  36. raisins
  37. lolCats
  38. my messy desk
  39. stop signs on every single intersection in my neighborhood
  40. U-turns
  41. the smell of tuna fish
  42. Christmas music/decorations before Thanksgiving
  43. Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh (they don't merit their own lines)
  44. logos and station identification in the bottom of the t.v. screen that get bigger and bigger each year
  45. NASCAR
  46. when I'm sitting in a chair and I lose something I was holding in my hand just a minute ago even though I haven't gotten up out of my chair
  47. TMZ
  48. people who get in between me and my kids in a crowd
  49. broken book bindings
  50. political campaign ads
  51. putting on makeup
  52. burnt toast
  53. how Elmo talks about himself in the third person
  54. the corner of the cedar chest that is always trying to remove my pinky toe
  55. grape flavored candy or drinks
  56. Anne Geddes photographs
  57. when people try to tickle me
  58. the word "moist"
  59. the smell of rotting mango
  60. singing the "Happy Birthday" song too slow
  61. headlights that don't turn off when you cut the ignition
  62. mondongo
  63. the fact that I still can't put any non-food items in my mouth without the gag reflex kicking in -- two years after The Caterpillar was born
  64. sitting on the toilet late at night, only to find out that the seat was up
  65. not being able to walk through a room without stepping on, over or tripping on some crap someone left on the floor
  66. when my clothes get all ball-y
  67. live in concert recordings
  68. spending all day cleaning the house and having my family wreck it five minutes after they come in the door
  69. inaccessible outlet sockets
  70. dealing with health insurance companies
  71. when the toilet gets clogged
  72. Survivor
  73. dictionaries that define a word using that same word in the definition
  74. crowds
  75. shaving my legs
  76. leeches
  77. fantasy fiction
  78. iceburg lettuce, "the polyester of greens"
  79. mispronouncing the word "nuclear"
  80. trying to get two little girls dressed and out the door in the morning
  81. sassy children
  82. when I get a thorn in the bottom of my foot
  83. that ASPCA commercial that makes my daughter cry every time it comes on t.v.
  84. Matthew McConaughey (who just barely beat out Woody Harrelson for this spot)
  85. movies where the leading man puts on a dress and plays multiple parts
  86. dogs that bark and wake up my two year old from her nap
  87. squeaky beds
  88. pop up ads even when I have the pop up ad blocker on
  89. gum that sticks to your teeth
  90. air quotes
  91. strangers who don't respect personal space
  92. anime
  93. paying $3 to get my $40 out of an ATM
  94. spam offering to enlarge my penis
  95. having to do something twice
  96. needing a password for every website I go to, but being given different parameters on each one so I can't use the same password
  97. tripping
  98. too crispy bacon
  99. when people say "flustrated"
  100. making lists of things I hate