Dwight's Farm Just Became Commercially Viable:

D.C. Takes Steps to 'Beet' Icy Roads, Highways

Mark Segraves, WTOP Radio

WASHINGTON - The District is getting creative to combat the icy road conditions on city streets and highways after the year's first snow fall Wednesday.

While a combination of salt and water was used last year, beet juice is the 'road du jour' this year.

According to Robert Marsili Jr., DDOT's Citywide Program Manager, anything to keep the roads safe is fair game.

"The beet juice is just another 'tool in the tool box.'"

And while this sounds like something straight out of the hit show The Office, Marsili says this is serious technology.

"There have been other products through the years that use byproducts of the agricultural industry. We're actually making our own brine to treat our bridges. What we're doing is supplementing our brine with this beet juice product."

Marsili says it keeps the brine from freezing and keeps it on the asphalt longer.

"It's more effective at colder temperatures."

Don't worry though, the roads and your tires will not turn red.

"I don't think they'll notice it at all, they'll notice a clear bridge hopefully."

I don't know about you, but I'm dying to go out later today and just drive around.