Words are kind of escaping me right now... or maybe I just don't feel like going to the effort to describe Christmas for us. But for friends and family who requested it, I'll do something. So as Moan says, here's an All You Can Eat Photo Buffet of Christmas Eve in Wonderland.

The Dormouse thought it was simply wonderful that there is someone in the world small enough to ride on her shoulders.

Spiced apple cider cooking on the stove.

I said I don't cook on Christmas Day, but my new resolution is to use our china more, so I made an exception for Christmas Eve dinner. Here's the table The Dormouse helped set.

Turkey breast and smashed potatoes.

And pumpkin pie made from the last of the crooked neck pumpkin.

Throwing Reindeer Corn onto the roof for Santa's reindeer to nosh on while he delivers presents inside. Note the corn piece suspended in air caught by the camera... totally not purposeful.

Reindeer corn.

We made a gingerbread house. From a kit.
Which I highly recommend (the kit, that is).

Except the occupants of the house seem to have somewhat of a pigeon problem.

The view off our back deck on Christmas Even night while we were taking a nighttime dip in the hot tub after the girls went to bed. Ahhh.

Lit Christmas tree. Note cat in left foreground attempting to eat tree.

This is the ornament from my first Christmas. It almost looks not forty years old in this picture. Who knew this little guy would come around again in 2007 as a fad? I feel like such a trend setter.

Another perspective on the Christmas tree lights.

Hanging candy canes on the Christmas tree... the easy way.

Daddy's present from The Caterpillar. She picked it out herself -- it wasn't one of those things that mommy wanted too, I swear!

View of the ceiling from under the Christmas tree.
If I could figure out how to paint this up there, I would keep this view of the ceiling all year long.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a photo report of Christmas day.