As Heard in Our House on Christmas Morning

Double take, then wide-eyed gasp:
"Ssssssssaaaaaanta caaaaaaaame!"

"Santa must be VERY nice to bring me so many presents."

"Santa knew I wanted this, because I told him."

"Santa even brought something for Sister! I will open it for her, though, because she's just a baby."

gasp: "I. LOVE. it."

"It's precious, Dad."

"I just knew I would like this!"

Opens the new Harry Potter movie and thinks it's a movie she already has: "Hey. That's not fair." Is told that it's the new movie: "That. Is. AWESOME!"

"It's Doo doo doo doo da... Dooora!"

"I loved the one where Santa left presents outside... and he left presents in the attic. Funny Santa. That's why I like him."

Hands over a box with more tape than wrapping paper:
"Here Daddy, I wrapped it myself."
KoH: "Ya think?"

"Woooow. Pirates of the Care-a-bean!"

Hugs doll in box, rotating torso violently. Hits self in mouth with corner of box: "She's be-U-tiful! Ow."

"Here Momma, you need help opening that."

"Here Sister, this is my present for you. It's a book. I know you can't read because you are just a baby. I will read it to you. That's my present."

"I'm gonna get back to the ripping.... I mean the unwrapping."

"It's gorgeous and precious and adorable and... I don't know."

"It's JUST what I wanted! What is it?"