OK - here goes... Christmas in Pictures Part Two.

The stocking were dropped on the floor with no care.

The Caterpillar tries on her present from Santa.

The Dormouse finds a note from Santa thanking her for the pumpkin pie she left him... and settling the week long debate: Is Daddy on the "nice" list or the "naughty" list? (Methinks someone was a bit too sensitive about the possibility raised that Daddy might be naughty.)

This look? We call that jubilation.

Daddy finds his present from Santa hidden in the attic. That fat jerk was too lazy to get it out of its hiding place after Daddy went to sleep.

Fortunately for Daddy, he doesn't have to tax himself further by opening it alone.

The Caterpillar is introduced to her presents.

But isn't quite sure whether to be happy.

"Oh wait, these are mine? Yay!"

"Don't you think this stocking is a little big for my foot?"

The Dormouse reads the book she bought with her hard earned money to her baby sister.

Always with the fashion sense.

Hugging the box that later beat her up.

Daddy's present. "I wrapped it myself!"

"It's a Daddy paperweight! I made it myself!"

Poor man's fireplace.

A favorite song from Momma's childhood, now in book form:
There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

And here's the Old Lady. It came with all the animals to stuff down her gullet.
I still can't decide if that's cute or creepy.

Inspector general.

Doo doo doo doo da... Dora!

Modeling cool t-shirt from Grandma.

The Caterpillar gets a caterpillar.

Which caterpillar is the Very Hungriest?

Santa also left some presents outside. Man, that dude is lazy!

The reindeer were so excited to eat the corn, they knocked some off the roof.

Christmas morning breakfast: sticky buns.
One of the best - and easiest - recipes Scott ever gave me.


Christmas isn't just eagerly anticipated by the humans in the house.

Lizzie Borden is in wrapping paper heaven!

The morning left us all wiped.

Some, more than others.
Taking a nap before heading off to search for Chinese Food.