Last year, we found this place in West Virginia for pumpkins and Christmas trees and it's become a family tradition to go back there. The people are so nice and they have such reasonable rates that it totally makes it worth it to drive all the way out there a couple times a year. Plus, we have some friends in the area and it's always good to make some time to see them. If any one's interested in making a day trip out of hunting and killing greenery for themselves, email me privately (ngundergroundATgmailDOTcom) and I'll be glad to share the address in order to make sure these folks stay in business a long time.

Our new tradition this year?

Making The Dormouse drag the tree back to the car. Because we are lazy parents, and really, we can't be bothered.

The Dormouse also proved to be extremely useful to the owners of the farm and refused to leave before she helped the workers at the entrance spread gravel around the muddiest portions of the walkway after last week's snow.

I'm thinking of renting her out.