Over at Chez Tewkesbury, there's a New Year's Meme that I thought was interesting: Copy the first line of the first post from every month in 2007 and post them all together in a list. Maybe you've seen this a hundred times and think that this is tired and old but let me remind you of this important fact: I am incredibly self-centered. So it's entirely possible that it's been all over the interweb but I've never noticed it before because it didn't concern me, Me, ME.

I thought it would be fun to try and take those twelve sentences, arrange them into a paragraph and see whether I could create a story of sorts.
Kind of a Naked Came the Manatee sort of thing. Two things I learned while reading back over these posts: 1) I need to work on my topic sentences, 2) There was a lot of pregnancy talk in twenty-o-seven -- I apologize to the Internet at large for that.

Here's the best I could do. I call this Naked Came the Whiny Pregnant Lady:

OK InterWeb, I apologize for constantly harping on this orchestra thing (harping, orchestra... heh heh, I make me laugh), but I love the guest conductor for this concert more than Diet Coke! Two days a week, I telecommute so that I can spend more time at home with The Dormouse and she doesn't have to be in day care five days a week. Yesterday on New Years' Day, we got up early and traipsed on downtown to see a President lie in state. As I was flipping through television channels last night in a desperate attempt to put my feet up and possibly see my ankles once again, I happened to catch this show on the Travel Channel and couldn't believe my eyes:
Sand Blasters 2007: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship. Things That Really Creep Me Out: Troll dolls. So I'm scolding The Dormouse for something she did that she knew she wasn't supposed to do. "Momma, here write these things down, I need to make a shopping list," she says as she hands me a pen and a piece of the paper we use to write out grocery items we need to remember. Bright and early this morning, I headed off to the hospital for the shot that I had to wait two hours for but took less than two minutes to administer. OK - ignoring the obvious that everyone's talking about... TWELFTH baby? Early on in the pregnancy with our three year old, I felt free to discuss the names we were thinking about with others. What is wrong with me? Forget the sable, Santa, concentrate on the sleep.