I picked up a few more thai chili peppers from weepy acres last night and brought them home to start a new batch of tabasco sauce.  I started cutting them up and I guess when they're a little bit dried out late in the season, they are quite a bit more potent than I'm used to.  The offputting gasses nearly blinded me. I had to open up the windows and leave the room while my eyes wept like I'd just seen a popular children's movie and reminded me why pepper spray is a useful self-defense mechanism.

Once I recovered and could see again, I put all the stems that I'd cut off in the garbage disposal and decided to peel some potatoes for the Thanksgiving dinner we'd invited some folks over to attend.  I don't love spending time with people on Thanksgiving, mainly because I'm usually just getting back from a conference around that time and I'm suffering from people overload.  I didn't have an excuse this year because my conference was a month earlier and it's hard to convince my family that my conference-PTSD lasts more than a month.  

So anyway, I tried to use the disposal to grind up the peels and hopelessly clogged the sink.  Yes, I know better, but lazy trumps smart in my world almost every day. So when the sink filled up with a brown murky liquid, I turned off the disposal and stuck my hands into the drain to clear the clog.  I pulled as much as I could out and finally realized the bulk of the clog was on the other side of the disposal.  The KingofHearts was still an hour away, and I didn't think it was all that fair to push my mess off onto him.  Instead, I took sink apart. 

I carefully put a bucket under the sink and pulled the trap, because I is smart.  I know that as soon as I open up a pipe under the sink all that awful water and ground up potato is gonna leak out.  But it didn't matter what I know because water and potato peels sprayed up an out of the pipes and covered every square inch of real estate under the sink, next to the sink, my face, everywhere.  I believe I actually pulled some potato bits out of my bra.  I finally located the clog - after taking apart three more pipes - and put it all back together.  I'll leave out the part where the sink leaked when I ran the disposal and had to take it all apart again to learn I'd put a gasket on backwards.  Put it all back together right this time and cleaned up the water/potato mixture off the bottom of the sink cabinet.  

Not sure about anyone else, but I'm not all that keen on having potatoes for dinner today.

But that's all just back story because about the time I finished up, I suddenly realized all the capsaicin from the peppers was in the water too and I'd stuck my hands into that pepperypotato water Idon'tknowhowmany times. And about the time I started to think about that, both my hands start to burn.  Holy crap, how they burned. 

This is why I should never be expected to handle Thanksgiving with other people.  The End.

Or something like that.

Apparently, it's an internet rule to post a list of things we are thankful for this holiday.  Here's mine.  Today, I am thankful for:

  1. The internet, who told me that soaking my hands in bleach water would help to counteract topical capsaicin burns.
  2. Oxycontin - just sayin'
  3. A rich supply of lotions to counteract the effect of soaking your hands in bleach water
  4. A new stove upon which to cook Thanksgiving dinner, should I ever regain my appetite
  5. Dishwashers and vacuum cleaners
  6. That my children actually listened to me last night when I asked them to stay out of the kitchen
  7. The concept of fried turkey.  Now if I could only incorporate THIS.
  8. A husband who gets up on Thanksgiving morning and can fix the furnace because sixty-five degrees in the house isn't all that comfortable and I was all I ALREADY FIXED THE SINK THIS ONE'S YOURS BUDDY.
  9. Having had the foresight to have purchased an extra replacement part even though everybody at the parts house mocked me last year when I asked for two furnace ignitors the last time our heater broke down so we didn't have to go out and try to find a new ignitor on Thanksgiving Day.
  10. Watching local Thanksgiving Day parades on cable access channels.  (Good to know you need to find a bathroom, local TV personality, but you might want to make sure your microphone isn't live when you ask)
  11. Burritos - no one can convince me these weren't served at first Thanksgiving 
  12. Pie
  13. These guys: