The Dormouse has some sort of large school project each quarter.  This one, from first grade, is still, by far my favorite. But the one she turned in this morning was a close second.  

Their task was to invent something. They had to, in stages, come up with an idea, a schematic, a rationale for their product and finally, a mock-up of their invention along with advertising materials and their target audience.

Meet the Automatic Makeup Artist, or the A.M.A. for short.

Yes, folks that's a robot that applies your makeup for you while you concentrate on other things like watching TV, or reading, or maybe you're just too lazy to lift your hand to your face.  ¡Igual no más!  No more worries, just sit right back and the Automatic Makeup Artist will do it for you.  And you will be one step closer to living life with The Jetsons and a robot maid.

Because if you can't have a flying car, at least you can have ten more minutes in the morning to watch TV.