I take photos all the time and then leave them on my hard drive, hoping they will grow into a real boy blog post someday. Often, I eventually receive inspiration and use them.  Sometimes I just get tired of looking at them and the non-inspiration they are providing and I delete them out of hand. 

Here's a collection of things that I can't quite part with, but that probably belong in my recycle bin.

I heard talking in the kitchen the other day and found The Caterpillar doing a cooking show for her stuffed animals. I'd ask her to make me dinner, but I think all her sandwiches come with a bite taken out of them.

Perhaps I went a bit overboard at the pumpkin patch last month.

I think I may have a profession for her when she grows up.

Perhaps you'd have better luck in the winter if you just save up some money to fix your car.

Someone at work tried to order two (2) boxes of bubble wrap, but accidentally put twenty-six (26) in the quantity line.  Guess what Santa is using as his gift wrap this year?

I posted this somewhere else and then later thought, Wow, someone could really get the wrong idea about this.  So I will add that no children were harmed during this playdate, and she willingly participated, and the adults did immediately put the duct tape out of reach... after taking photos of course.

It doesn't take much to entertain The Shortlings, just a random Subway restaurant and a Sandwich Performer.  Just be sure there's a sneeze guard.

Most kids when you give them a box, they turn it into a toy;
My children turn a box into a bed. My children are weird.

@SoiDogSez is incredibly tolerant of my children... but she's not too fond of me.

Every renaissance fair everywhere would be successful if they do merely two things:  Invite The KingofHearts and sell Scotch Eggs

Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month; I think "appreciation" is probably not the right word when you think about it.  Also: How much do I love that I took this picture with someone's boobs in the background without even realizing it?  So much.

Next time I need to break into someone's house, I'm totally bringing along The Caterpillar.

This was the thing the corn maze people gave us to tie it all together and motivate people to get to the end.  I desperately wanted it to say "Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine."

Now that we've finally cracked that Princess Lea Bun/Korean Towel Thing, I really need Monica to take me to the spa more.

Bonus: Video of my husband in an amusement park parking lot, acting like his old self and being an ass... but then I didn't have to say it twice.