A couple more photos from Halloween, mostly because little kids in masks fascinate me.  

The Shortlings' school doesn't celebrate Halloween because there are conscientious objectors out there, but they do have a "fall party" and "costume parade" which all the parents are invited to attend.  The way they get around this is to tell the parents that this is "not a Halloween costume parade" but rather a "Storybook costume parade" and the children may "come dressed up," but "not in a scary costume."  Instead, they should come "dressed as a character from a storybook."

This is completely lip service, because as we all know, every zombie, ghost, ghoul, mummy, wolf-man and horror movie character, while perhaps being a traditional Halloween type 'o costume, is also in a book somewhere.  So there's pretty much no oversight of costumes whatsoever. 

I do like the emphasis on reading, however, so I'm not about to complain.