Last year we grew Thai Chili peppers in our container garden on the front steps of the house.  They're an amazing little pepper: crazy hot and super easy to grow, with a large yield from a tiny plant even in a cramped pot because its owner is too cheap to buy a decent sized one and instead prefers to plant in what's been leftover from last year and sitting outside by the trashcans all winter.  But the problem with them was that while I love them, I don't tend to cook Thai food.  It takes a long time and I'm really pretty lazy.  I'm not saying I don't like Thai food, mind you, so if someone wanted to come to my house and make me some Tom Yum Soup, I totally wouldn't say no. *hint hint*

When I tried to use these unusually flavored peppers in things I normally cook, it just didn't taste right.  Since I didn't really know what to do with them, a lot of them went to waste last year.  

So of course, I totally had to grow them again this year.  Without the slightest idea how to use them. Because I am a glutton for punishment.

Growing stage

Enter my friend Brock, who has forgotten more about cooking than I ever knew, and this little post about homemade hot sauce he wrote a couple of years ago.  His post is pretty self-explanatory, so you can read that for the recipe and I'll just show you my progress.

Fermenting stage.

Blending stage, blending stage, blending stage.

The KingofHearts is fond of telling people that I have two working taste buds and one of them only wakes up for Tabasco. But after making my own, I may never purchase a bottle of Tabasco again.  

Now the only problem is that you can't really eat it with a spoon... so I'm constantly searching for some new thing to pour this stuff over... so I eat five meals a day.

Looking for stuff to put it on stage
The Final Product Stage

Seriously, this is the best hot sauce you're ever gonna try; so go look at that website and make some.  

Do it now.

Go forth and blend.