Frankenstorm is still dumping water on us. Believe it or not, we've had electricity for most of the day.  But no worries, we are confident the blackout will occur eventually as we know our city all too well.  

After I allowed the Shortlings to watch a ridiculous amount of television in ananticipation of not having power for the next week, The KingofHearts came home from work and we spent our afternoon carving jack-o-lanterns.  Favorite moment:  when The Dormouse kept suggesting designs for The Caterpillar to use on her pumpkin.  The Caterpillar posited more than once that she would prefer to decide what would go on her pumpkin for herself, but The Dormouse continued to try and be helpful, pulling out designs from the book she thought would be easy for her sister to carve.  Finally, The Caterpillar responded with as much righteous indignation as she could muster and said:

"You know, I HAVE a brain.  And I can think of things FOR MYSELF."

Then she went to the table and drew out her prototype for a KittyPumpkin:

 After which, she transferred her design to her two small pumpkins and pretty much carved them both herself, with one "smiling kitty" and one "fang-y kitty."

How much do I love that kid?  So much.