Some more photos from our state fair adventure. I'm always amazed at the kinds of things that are entered in fair competitions. I generally just think of the categories as being pretty much, "largest pumpkin," "best peach pie," "prettiest orchid" and maybe the occasional butter sculpture of Conan O'Brien but that's about it. Then you get there and you find that you can enter everything from coiled pine needle free form table decorations to a clay and metal sculpture of an armadillo inside a snow globe made from a mason jar.

Home made honey is more my style:

I could swear I wrote about this somewhere on this blog (edited to add: ah yes, here it is), but one day when the KoH had his little circle of friends over, the topic of conversation came around to Sasquatch (why would it not?) and one of them posed the perfectly innocent question to the others to see if any of them had ever tried sasquatch. When the others were puzzled by the question, he clarified that he wasn't talking about this Sasquatch, but rather, the vegetable sasquatch.

They all stared, blank-faced until finally someone said "What the hell?" "Whatever do you mean, good friend of mine?" And he explained that in grade school, he'd been taught that the "Native American Indians cultivated corn, beans, and sasquatch."

So remember that when you decide to buy some of the home grown goods at your local state fair and always check for hair when you open the bottle.