We tried to buy one of these flower ring headpieces for The Caterpillar at the Renaissance Festival. The KingofHearts put it on her while I was with The Dormouse getting her face painted and from all the way across the square, I could see how utterly adorable she was in it. I intended to go take a picture just as soon as The Dormouse was done. But apparently after admiring how cute she was in it for all of ten seconds, she began trying to rip out all the flowers one by one and The KoH wisely decided not to spend $18 on something that wouldn't last in it's intended form for more than ten minutes. He quickly gave it back to the vendor who was kind enough to agree that maybe it wasn't a wise purchase for her and overlooked that fact that a flower or two was missing. I did not learn from this experience and made an ill-fated purchase of a $7 stick with feathers and ribbons on it just a couple of hours later. There's a good reason that I can't show you a picture of that... but I don't want to talk about it.