This year was the year I wanted to have a decent lawn in the back yard, so I hired some guys to mow the lawn a couple of times a month since we are woefully unreliable about doing it in any sort of regular fashion. I figured I could mow the lawn when it needed it in between the times they come, but if not, at least it would get taken care of every two weeks. The grass in the front of the house is spectacular, but you can see by the bare spots in this picture how well worth the money it was for the back. *sigh* Oh well, at least there are fewer weeds.

I hired these guys because they, as opposed to all the other companies I spoke to, said they have push mowers. You see, the only way to get from the front to the back yard is by this narrow little path around one side of our house. Big fancy lawn maintenance businesses generally have riding or standing mowers and they don't fit down this path. So I spoke with about three different people who wouldn't even take my business before I happened upon these guys who said they could get their equipment from the front yard to the back in order to mow back there.

It was only recently that I realized how they were mowing my entire lawn:

They don't have push mowers at all, they just have one very accommodating guy with a weed whacker.