These days one of The Caterpillar's favorite games is to come up to your feet, grab a toe and deliberately say, "Dis Pig-Gee" and then smack you on the thigh as she squeals "WEEEEWEEEWEEE WEEEEEEEEEEE!"

In lieu of a birthday cake for a two year old, we decided on a nice low maintenance cupcake that Monica found for me (I highly recommend getting someone to scour the web, so you don't have to but back off, she's mine). The Dormouse and I made them together for The Caterpillar's preschool class. And then in a startling moment of brilliance, I remembered that they don't allow homemade goods in her school only superior store enclosed goodies... just seconds after I sent The KingofHearts to the store to buy six packages of wafer cookies (they only come in chocolate/vanilla/pink packages so he had to buy three times as many to get enough pink ones) and made thirty six cupcakes.

They turned out cute.

But I've given them away to friends and family and I still have a herd of piggies sitting in the fridge. They are starting to haunt me.

And I think they may be plotting against me when I'm not looking.

Can someone
call "soo-eee" for me?