We have this hideous and unruly Juniper tree in our front yard and over the years it's gone from a tiny shrub, to a topiary, to a completely out of control tree. I've been waffling between giving it a good trimming - which always makes half the tree die off and turn brown for the better part of the next two years - and just taking it out altogether because it's thorny and touchier than a jumping cactus. Of course, The KoH's take on this is that it keeps people from going around the side of our house and that's a good thing. Apparently, he has an aversion to peeping toms and having our house burglarized.

Sometimes at Christmastime, we decorate it with lights and red ornaments or bows because it looks so much like a Douglas Fir from the street. Today, I came outside to find it decorated with a different motif:

I imagine this is how all Christmas decorations would look if spiders ruled the Earth.

And then all I can think of is that spider scene from The Incredible Shrinking Man and I laugh myself to sleep.