Last year for Christmas, Santa brought The Dormouse this game, which I thought would be a good thing for The KoH and I do with her. I always loved board games as a kid but never could convince anyone to play them with me. So I'm trying to set a precedent now where we spend some time to do that kind of thing together. But you can guess that a game with easily breakable plastic sticks and small choking hazard sized marbles probably isn't the best thing to get out and put on the floor while The Caterpillar runs around. I'll say it right now: Santa does not always think his presents through to their natural conclusion. So it's been up on a shelf, untouched, for several months.

However, The Caterpillar is getting old enough now that we can get out things like marbles and they don't immediately go in her mouth, and she sometimes sorta half listens when you tell her something, so I've felt more confident getting things like this out around her as long as she has supervision. The other night I thought this might be a good exercise for her to teach her to take turns (which is something she's not so good at right now.)

She managed to make it through one round of "Now it's Mommia's turn. Now it's Daddia's turn. Now it's Dormouse's turn. Now it's Caterpillar's turn." And we were pretty much all glad when it was over. Then we just let the girls play with the game however they wanted. With ended up being the game of, put everything inside the cup and then drop it on the floor. Then put everything inside the cup again. Which was really more fun than the game itself anyway.