I did it! I successfully coerced Mike Birbiglia into commenting on my blog! Maybe next, I'll use my powers to force those AIG executives to give back their bonus money.

I only wish I had actually written something funny or impressive for him to read about. It's kind of like finally getting your dad to finally go to your school play and then backstage you're told they've cut all your speaking parts and given you the part of a tree in the back of the forest. (What? That didn't happen to everyone?!?) At very least I could have managed to get video of my eighteen month old saying "Cracker, please." to include in the post, but... you know... she doesn't talk yet, and it'd probably lose it's inflection in sign language.

Seriously though Mike, we loved your show. You are hilarious and I'd have forgiven you for extending... eventually. Especially if it means I could manage to make time to get up there and see the show again. But with this, you've cemented yourself as one of my favorite comedians of all time. All the times I've mentioned Jon Stewart on this blog, he's NEVER ONCE commented.

To the rest of you reading, if you haven't checked out Mike's work, there are many hilarious clips on YouTube to whet your appetite... then you can all go out and buy What I Should Have Said Was Nothing because that's some damn funny stuff.

Jon who???