We accidentally happened by this building when we were walking through SoHo during our Sleepwalk Thru New York tour. I was thrilled to finally see it in person. Monica, clearly not as impressed, humored me and my geeky architecture loving nature and we crossed the street to take a picture even though it was about 6:00 and way too dark to get a really good photo. Almost every one I took was too blurry to use because of my refusal to lug a tripod around with me. Except this one, which I had to clean up in Photoshop quite a bit.

Now it looks like the sun was actually shining that day.

The Puck Building is one of the most iconic building images in New York. It probably ranks right up the next to the Flat Iron Building for sheer recognizability because whenever producers need a hip, yet classy, exterior shot for the building that the main character on the show works in, they use this. I've seen it on on television and in movies a hundred times but most recently as the building Grace had her studio in on the show Will & Grace.

I know it's been said before that New York is often an uncredited character in entertainment media. It's especially obvious in shows like Law and Order and CSI: NY. I like to think of the buildings of New York as the extras. Each one with it's own personality and history. I could live in this city a decade and never get tired of looking UP.