Things I did not buy (but desperately wanted to) when Monica and I went on a road trip to an auction in Pennsyltucky the other day:

This bar set would have gone so well with the red speckled Formica bar that was in our basement when we moved into the house. We only took it out because we never thought in a million years we'd be able to find a set of chairs with a bunghole that would go so perfectly with it. Also: I enjoy saying bunghole and having it not be dirty. Bunghole, bunghole, bunghole.

I was thinking this would make a great birthday gift for The KoH, and I actually considered bidding for it. But it went for $1600. $1600!!

If this thing hadn't been made of paper-maché, it would totally be sitting at the entrance to my driveway right now.

But this guy seemed to like it more than I did.

If you ever find yourself bored and looking for something fun to do, I highly recommend attending an auction house event. Honestly, I didn't purchase a thing and yet I don't feel like a drop of gas was wasted on the drive there. Prime people watching opportunities!

I'm thinking it's a really good thing I'm not monied... otherwise my house would be filled with a lot of crap.