This story on the news this morning just made me smile:
Turtle Leads to Arrest of Marijuana-grower

A turtle, outfitted with a GPS system, led to the arrest of a man responsible for growing marijuana plants inside Rock Creek Park.

The plants were found just south of the Maryland line. A park ranger was tracking the turtle for an unrelated research project when it was found inside the field two weeks ago.

There are many things about this timely news item that tickle me, not the least of which is the line, Neighbors are stunned, but insist the offender is a "very nice kid."

Or even, "Through the years of walking my dogs in the park, I have found several different fields of marijuana, some as high as me," said Gossage.

But the best part of this whole scenario was the television news anchor who reported it and then looked into the camera and said with an absolute straight face:

"It is
never a good idea to grow illegal drugs on Federal Park land."

Thanks for the tip.